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Clean Power Plan Gets Its Day in Court
by Megan Herzog

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is hearing oral arguments in a monumental climate change case. At issue is the Clean Power Plan, the most ambitious action ever taken by the federal government to control carbon emissions and tackle global climate change. The Clean Power Plan outlines the first-ever…

Press Releases
MA Superior Court Hears Arguments Against Springfield Power Plant

“In a community already suffering from high rates of childhood asthma and other serious respiratory conditions, the last thing we should be doing is literally adding fuel to the fire,” said Veronica Eady, Director of CLF’s Massachusetts Advocacy Center. “We wouldn’t let our children ingest even one ounce of ammonia, so why would we allow a plant that, by the company’s own admission, will spew over 140 tons of ammonia, carbon monoxide, and other toxic pollutants into our air? PRE may value a quick buck over the health and safety of this community, but CLF is proud to stand with the people of Springfield and fight this proposal.”

Could an Electric Car Be in Your Future?
by Carolyn Dube

Cars. They cost a lot and pollute a lot. One exciting new opportunity to address both these problems are electric cars. They’ve come a long way. Gone are the days when the Toyota Prius was the only hybrid available to consumers. My interest in this was recently sparked at a gathering I attended of electric…

UPDATE: Take Action: Restore Energy Efficiency Funding in Maine
by Ben Tettlebaum

With one stroke of his veto pen, Governor Paul LePage planned to wipe out more than $35 million in funding for energy efficiency in Maine, which would have cost Mainers $200 million a year in lost savings and higher energy bills. But Maine’s legislature stood strong, overriding the governor’s veto and restoring the state’s energy efficiency funding.

Cleaning Up Industrial Pollution in Portsmouth
by Jeff Barnum

For several years, CLF has been working to eliminate illegal, toxic stormwater pollution from Grimmel Industries’ massive scrap-metal operation located on the banks of the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth. Grimmel’s operation has taken place at the Market Street Terminal, owned by the State of New Hampshire but administered by Pease Development Authority (PDA). In a…

Great Bay Waterkeeper- New Study Confirms We Are All Responsible
by Peter Wellenberger

The NH Department of Environmental Services recently released its long-awaited draft Great Bay Non-Point Source Nitrogen Study, providing a breakdown of the sources of nitrogen pollution in the estuary, and additional insights on how to improve and protect water quality. According to the draft study, the Great Bay estuary receives, on average, a total load…

Air Quality Alerts; What You Can Do About Them
by Caitlin Peale Sloan

The heat is here! Even though it’s technically still spring until late June, it feels as though summer has already come to stay in southern New England. While we New Englanders pride ourselves on being able to handle all kinds of weather, the health risks posed by poor air quality shouldn’t be ignored. On a…