Jan 15, 2021

Governor Baker Rejects Climate and Justice Legislation

Massachusetts legislators overwhelmingly passed critical climate and justice legislation. But Governor Baker vetoed the bill – choosing not only to ignore sound science, but also to let decades of racist policy targeting low-income, Black, and Brown communities go unchallenged.

The Massachusetts State House
Sep 22, 2020

With Your Help, Vermont Makes Critical Climate Progress

After months of work by Vermonters across the state – and despite a veto from Governor Scott – the Global Warming Solutions Act is now the law of the land in the Green Mountain State. This critical bill will slash carbon pollution while building resilient communities and looking after our most vulnerable neighbors.

Vermont's state house in autumn
Sep 10, 2020

Watching the West Coast Wildfires from New England

In the decade since I’ve moved away from California, I’ve watched the climate there go from a temperate paradise with the occasional fire to a place with scorching summers and yearly infernos. This is climate change, playing out right in front of us. It’s easy to see these and other disasters from afar and not call them climate catastrophes. But that’s exactly what they are.

Wildfires across the West Coast turned the sky in Oakland, CA an eerie orange yellow
Feb 14, 2020

UPDATE: Is Rhode Island Really Making Progress on Climate?

UPDATE: Rhode Island has still not corrected how it measures dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. The State continues to dramatically underestimate the amount of methane – an extremely potent greenhouse gas – leaking from its pipes. To ensure Rhode Island makes real progress in cutting its carbon pollution, the legislature should adopt the Act On Climate 2020 bill – which would turn the State’s existing emission reduction goals into mandatory targets and hold the State accountable for achieving them.

Emissions from fossil fuels are hampering progress on climate
Sep 20, 2019

Striking for Climate Action on the Anniversary of Hurricane María

As I remember the lives lost in Puerto Rico to Hurricane María, I urge you to join the millions of people on strike today demanding climate action and climate justice. We have the solutions to solve the climate crisis, but we need our political leaders to take action – now.

Youth around the country are taking to the streets to protest for climate action
May 01, 2019

Rhode Island Lags Behind Neighbors on Climate

The Governor supported the concept of mandatory, enforceable, economy-wide reductions in carbon emissions during her re-election campaign. That said, she has not yet supported the only legislation that would make that a reality: the Global Warming Solutions Act (H-5444; S-658). This Act would ensure our state reduces its carbon pollution and combats climate change. 

Rhode Island State House in Providence
Mar 21, 2019

To Fight Climate Change, Vermont Needs Strong Climate Laws

Vermont students flooded the Statehouse this month to speak to legislators about the dire need to take bold action to address climate change. Their pleas and passion were welcomed by many new climate champions that joined the Vermont Legislature this year. As the Trump administration scorns its responsibility to tackle climate change, state and local… Continue reading To Fight Climate Change, Vermont Needs Strong Climate Laws

Vermont State House