Jun 21, 2023

Mass. Releases New Rules to Clean Up Cape Cod Pollution

Ineffective septic tanks release high levels of nitrogen in wastewater which can cause toxic algae outbreaks in the Cape’s waters, which in turn place people at risk, harm fish and wildlife, and dampen tourism. CLF released the following statement in response to today’s news.

“Pollution from septic tanks has pushed Cape Cod’s waters to the brink of disaster,” said CLF attorney Maggie Nivison. “Toxic algae outbreaks destroy our waters, sicken people, and threaten the Cape’s critical tourism economy. The state has finally taken this crisis seriously, and these new rules are a tremendous first step in finally combatting this pervasive problem.”

Aerial view of algae mats in Prince Cove (north of North Bay) in Marston Mills, Massachusetts.
Jun 16, 2023

CLF to Sue Polluting Chemical Company in Quincy, MA

“Twin Rivers has been given a free pass to violate the law and pollute Quincy and other nearby communities for far too long,” said CLF attorney Erica Kyzmir-McKeon. “Everyone has a right to clean air and water. This is why CLF will fight to push Twin Rivers ends this illegal pollution once and for all.”

A view of the Weymouth-Fore River
Jun 13, 2023

Mass. Commits $50 Million to Green Bank

“Fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis and its impacts in our communities,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Vice President of CLF Massachusetts. “Couple that with the dire shortage of affordable housing for those who need it most, and this green bank is filling a huge need here in Massachusetts. Polluting emissions from buildings are a scourge on our health and the planet, and this fund will go a long way towards ending our addiction to fossil fuels.”

Massachusetts State House
May 03, 2023

Turning Climate Laws into Action

“Goals and promises are meaningless without real action on the ground,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Vice President of CLF Massachusetts. “The previous administration took little actual action to meet the goals laid out in Massachusetts’ strong climate laws, we now have an opportunity to do better. If we want to leave a healthy future for the next generation, it’s time to ditch fossil fuels and electrify everything from transportation to home heating, and these petitions lay out steps Massachusetts must take to get us there.”

Massachusetts State House
May 02, 2023

Mass. Calls for Offshore Wind Proposals

“It’s time to go big on offshore wind,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Vice President of CLF Massachusetts. “If we’re going to meet the state’s ambitious climate goals, we need to seriously ramp up the development of renewable energy, and responsibly sited offshore wind is crucial. Fossil fuels like natural gas pollute our air and worsen the climate crisis, and this is yet another step towards leaving them in the past where they belong.”

offshore wind