Jun 24, 2022

NH Governor Vetoes Much-Needed Landfill Siting Bill

“Governor Sununu let New Hampshire down today,” said Tom Irwin, Vice President of CLF New Hampshire. “While we ultimately need to move away from landfilling, it’s critical that the state develop strong laws regarding how and where these facilities are allowed to be located. All landfills eventually leak toxic pollutants and this bill would have ensured that our waters are better protected. The legislature must override this veto.”

landfill with garbage trucks
May 12, 2022

CLF Prevails on Critical Issue in Appeal of Bethlehem Landfill Permit

“We’ve been saying for years that there is simply no need for this facility, and today the Waste Management Council agreed,” said CLF staff attorney Heidi Trimarco. “This ruling makes clear that the state cannot permit new landfills that aren’t needed to satisfy New Hampshire’s disposal needs. It’s an important decision not only to get the state off its current landfill-expansion treadmill but also to prevent the continued influx of out-of-state waste.”

2018 Press Conference to stop Bethlehem Landfill expansion
May 05, 2022

NH Senate Passes Landfill Siting Bill

“All landfills pollute our air and put our waters at risk of toxic contamination,” said Tom Irwin, Vice President of CLF New Hampshire. “New Hampshire’s lakes, rivers, and coastal waters belong to all of us, and this bill, if signed into law, will dramatically increase protections for these valuable resources. The House, and then Governor Sununu, should support this important legislation.”

landfill with garbage trucks
May 04, 2022

NH House Passes Irresponsible Waste Bill

“Our representatives let us down today,” said CLF attorney Peter Blair. “This effort disguises burning plastic as recycling and will spread toxic pollution into New Hampshire’s communities while keeping single-use plastic in production. Governor Sununu must veto this naked attempt to prop up the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our health.”

Pile of Plastic Bottles
Apr 04, 2022

CLF Sues Nylon Corp. of America for Polluting the Merrimack River

address Clean Water Act violations at its nylon manufacturing facility in Manchester, NH. The company’s wastewater and stormwater discharges are polluting the Merrimack River with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

“Communities and wildlife depend on a clean and safe Merrimack River, and Nylon is contaminating it with toxic pollutants,” said Erica Kyzmir-McKeon, CLF staff attorney. “The company is breaking the law, and it must be held accountable for these Clean Water Act violations immediately. Each day that passes means more harmful pollution is flowing into the Merrimack, and this is completely unacceptable.”

Feb 22, 2022

Schnitzer Steel Sued for Polluting Rivers

“Schnitzer needs to prioritize stormwater management and end this harmful and dangerous pollution,” said Heather Govern, Vice President of Clean Air and Water at CLF. “Every day that passes without proper controls, toxic runoff contaminates waters that people depend on for drinking and recreation. It’s time this billion-dollar company complies with the law.”

Environmental racism contributes to inequality
Feb 10, 2022

N.H. Officials Pause Energy Efficiency Rollbacks

“The PUC made the right call today, but the work isn’t over yet,” said CLF attorney Nick Krakoff. “The decision to gut popular energy efficiency programs was irresponsible and radical, and today’s news is a step in the right direction. Nevertheless, it’s still up to the Supreme Court to officially reject the PUC’s rollbacks of energy efficiency programs and put the state on a path to a cleaner, more affordable energy future.”

energy efficiency saves both money and electricity
Feb 07, 2022

Challenging Irresponsible Energy Decision in NH Supreme Court

“The PUC’s irresponsible and arbitrary decision on energy efficiency cannot be allowed to stand,” said CLF attorney Nick Krakoff. “Energy efficiency programs are proven ways to reduce energy bills and cut back on polluting fossil fuel use. At a time when high energy bills and cold nights threaten many New Hampshire families, the PUC has dealt a blow to residents’ and businesses’ ability to save on energy costs. Its decision must be overturned.”

Jan 13, 2022

Environmental Groups Settle Clean Water Act Lawsuit Against Casella

“By getting Casella to remove a decade’s worth of contaminated sediments from a polluted channel flowing into the Ammonoosuc, this settlement directly addresses a legacy of landfill pollution,” explained Tom Irwin, Vice President and Director of CLF New Hampshire. “The problems addressed in this case are yet another reason why New Hampshire needs to focus on reducing waste rather than burying it in landfills.”

2018 Press Conference to stop Bethlehem Landfill expansion
Jan 07, 2022

New Hampshire Officials Reject Challenge to Energy Efficiency Rollbacks

“The PUC continues to dig its feet in on its radical and arbitrary decision, and New Hampshire families will pay the price,” said CLF attorney Nick Krakoff. “Energy efficiency programs help us reduce our energy use, which means lower bills and less damaging climate pollution from fossil fuels. This devastating blow to families, businesses and our planet cannot be allowed to stand, and CLF will continue the fight to overturn this irresponsible action from the PUC.”

energy efficiency saves both money and electricity