CLF, Nylon Corp. Settle Merrimack River Pollution Lawsuit

Company will pay $225,000 to NH Rivers Council

The Merrimack River in Manchester. Photo: Creative Commons

September 11, 2023 (CONCORD, NH) – Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and Nylon Corp. of America have settled a lawsuit concerning Clean Water Act violations at the company’s Manchester, NH manufacturing facility. The company’s wastewater and stormwater discharges have repeatedly violated its permits with acidic wastewater, thermal pollution, and zinc pollution.

“Communities and wildlife depend on a clean and safe Merrimack River,” said Erica Kyzmir-McKeon, CLF staff attorney. “It’s critically important that companies violating the Clean Water Act be held accountable and comply with their permit limits. This settlement will result in a cleaner river for everyone.”

These types of pollution can cause poor water quality, harming natural ecosystems and aquatic life, and threatening drinking water for people downriver.

“The New Hampshire Rivers Council is happy that its work in the McQuesten Brook watershed was selected for this important settlement,” said Michele L. Tremblay, President, Board of Directors, New Hampshire Rivers Council. “The settlement will allow the Council to continue implementation of the McQuesten Brook Watershed Restoration and Implementation Plan for this unique and important urban habitat and oasis.”

The company will pay $225,000 to the New Hampshire Rivers Council to support their clean water work, as well as further payments for their failure to comply with the Clean Water Act.

CLF experts are available for further comment.