renewable portfolio standard

Why Are We Here Again? Standing with Springfield Against Biomass
by Rohemir Ramirez

Springfield, alongside community and environmental organizations like CLF, has been fighting this proposed biomass plant for years. We set the fight aside in 2017 when Palmer Renewable Energy, the company behind the proposal, paused its plans for construction. But now the company is back, hoping that its efforts to weaken state policy will bring its proposal back to life.

Renewable Energy Bill Heard in Rhode Island General Assembly
by Jerry Elmer

A bill, H-7413, which would extend Rhode Island’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES), had a very successful hearing in the House Corporations Committee last night, Tuesday, February 9. (What Rhode Island calls the RES is referred to as a “Renewable Portfolio Standard,” or RPS, in most other states.)  The Senate-side companion bill, S-2181, will be heard…