Climate Change Threatens Vermont. A Strong Climate Law Will Help.

People from across the state are speaking up to support the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act.

The Vermont legislature is considering a critical bill that will cut climate-damaging emissions across the state and smooth the way for a more resilient future. The bill, the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act, will simultaneously slash pollution and build climate-ready communities.

A diverse group of Vermonters have come together to support this legislation. It’s backed by environmental groups like CLF, as well as public health professionals, the Vermont attorney general, and the State treasurer. Those championing it know that our state needs to get back on track to cut emissions – and the Global Warming Solutions Act will get us there.

Who Supports the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act?

A broad coalition of environmental groups have rallied behind this bill – and so have doctors, business owners, and many others who want to protect the Green Mountain state. Anyone who spends winter time outdoors has seen the havoc changing weather has caused — both on their own enjoyment outside and for the many businesses that rely on snow. Other iconic industries are also in peril. For example, the maple syrup industry is under threat from hazards like shifting temperatures and violent storms.

Doctors, nurses, and other public health professionals are also seeing the toll climate change is taking. Record heatwaves have sent outdoor workers to the hospital because of heatstroke and dehydration; and exploding tick populations have brought an increase in previously rare illnesses. The World Health Organization agrees. It has called climate change the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.

Climate change threatens everything we love about Vermont – which is why we need a Global Warming Solutions Act.

What Does the Bill Actually Do?

The bill directs the state to lower emissions, invest in clean energy, and update critical infrastructure across the state. To accomplish this, it does the following:

  1. Transforms Vermont’s emission reduction goals into enforceable targets – requiring that we cut carbon emissions by 80% before 2050. In doing so, it forces the State to take real action to combat climate change.
  2. Helps rural communities prepare for climate impacts while making sure that low-income Vermonters have better access to clean energy, clean transportation, and lower costs. This keeps money in people’s wallets and helps ensure rural Vermonters are insulated from the worst climate impacts.
  3. Promotes the use of natural systems and working lands to capture and store carbon. This will help safeguard communities against severe storms as well as preserve our natural lands.
  4. Fosters an open, inclusive process to push the best climate solutions forward. This gives everyone, from farmers to builders to members of local communities, a voice in deciding the state’s path. With this process in place, Vermonters can move forward together in combatting climate change and building a future in which everyone can thrive.

What Can Vermonters Do?

To support the Global Warming Solutions Act, contact your legislators and ask them to vote for this bill. Also, share the video above and encourage friends and family to take action, too.

You can find­­­ your representatives are here, and they can be contacted by calling 802.828.2228 or emailing

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