Apr 05, 2014

Breaking New Ground

In 2012, CLF started questioning New Jersey–based developer Footprint Power’s proposal to build a natural-gas-fired power plant to replace Salem Harbor Station, the polluting coal-fired plant slated to close in June of 2014. Proponents argued the plant would be cleaner, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CLF challenged those assumptions.

Apr 05, 2014

Hitting Its Stride

When news broke in 2013 that Brayton Point, New England’s largest – and reportedly most efficient – coal-fired power plant would close in 2017, CLF heralded the news as a victory in one of its signature battles: the demise of coal in New England.

Jan 05, 2014

Coming Clean

The Mystic River Watershed is the most urbanized watershed in Massachusetts – and one of the most polluted. So when a neighborhood group approached CLF in 2010 with concerns about stormwater runoff from a large scrap metal facility, we agreed to take a closer look.