With Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement just as other world leaders are discussing how to save the planet, what is a concerned person to do? The most important thing is to get involved. Climate change is bigger than any one person, but you can still make a difference! Here’s how.


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Get Involved

Climate change is a problem of broken systems. An electric grid that’s run on fossil fuels. Companies that don’t worry about pollution. Advocating for change is the most effective thing you can do.



Check Your Carbon Footprint

Everyone’s carbon footprint is different — it depends on where you live, what you eat, and more. Use a carbon footprint calculator to learn where you personally can have an impact.



Everyday Changes

While solving climate change is bigger than any one family or business, personal action is important. Learn more about what changes you can make to help.



Stand With CLF

CLF is fighting climate change right here in New England – but we need your help. Take action now to make your voice heard on the issues affecting us here at home.