Andrew and Priyanka Bobenski

Donors since 2016 | Roslindale, MA

Bobenski Family

We thoroughly appreciate New England’s beauty and are excited to watch our children develop curiosity and awe for nature, whether we are exploring the mountins of Vermont, the coast of Rhode Island, or the waterfront and green spaces of greater Boston. 

To preserve these New England treasures, we must continue to step up as their advocates and protectors, which is why we support CLF. 

For us, CLF was an obvious choice due to their local and regional focus and strategies of using advocay, education, and where necessary, litigation to protect the environment. 

In comparision to the global climate crisis, the local work may feel small in scope, but a variety of issues in this region require a strategic approach that will address the unique needs of our various communities. 

We know that states can step up and take the lead on issues to get results. This is particularly ture of energy policy. We are hopeful that, with continued collaboration throughout New England, we can acheive a uniform energy policy for the entire region, securing our place as leaders in the clean energy future.