Bonnie Christie

Champions Club Member | Hopkinton, NH

Bonnie Christie

Bonnie Christie has seen CLF’s work from multiple angles over her years living and working in New England.

Her first experience with the organization came when she worked for the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston. “I got to know and collaborate with many dedicated environmentalists during that time, including attorneys at CLF,” she recalls. When she and her family later moved to Vermont, they saw first hand how pollution was harming iconic Lake Champlain. “This amazing lake was, and still is, suffering from many forms of pollution, which weren’t tackled sufficiently until CLF brought up a lawsuit against EPA to clean it up.”

Christie now lives in New Hampshire, where another issue has drawn her to CLF: eliminating plastic pollution and cutting waste. “Over the past year, I have had the benefir of connecting with [Zero Waste Project Director] Kirstie Pecci on plastics reduction legislative initiatives and getting started on moving our school district toward waste reduction and recycling,” she says. “Her wealth of knowledge helps us avoid reinventing the wheel and enables us to compare our experience here in New England states.”

Having seen CLF in action across New England, Christie knows how effective the organization can be – and how passionately its staff  will fight for change. “CLF goes straight to the heart of the issues that matter to me and my community,” she says of her decision to become a monthly Champions Club donor. “They do their work fearlessly and effectively, and make me feel like my investment counts.”