Linda Cabot

Donor Since 2004, CLF Member, Advocate’s Society, and Ocean Conservation Program Donor | Westwood, MA

Linda Cabot

What role has the ocean played in your life?

I’ve always been interested in the sea. Growing up, I sailed a lot with my family around the Gulf of Maine, and as an artist, I’ve been painting seascapes and landscapes. I love the beauty of the ocean. More recently, my husband and I have had a sailboat for 12 years and done a lot of
coastal cruising.

How did you become interested in ocean conservation issues?

I think the interest came from sailing and being on the water. Spending so much time on the ocean, I became fascinated in what’s below the surface, and I started doing some of my own research to learn more about the health of the oceans.

What did you learn about ocean conservation issues from those experiences?

Growing up on the Gulf of Maine, I’ve witnessed vibrant coastal communities in which many people make their living from the local waters. The health of the local waters is what allows these communities to thrive and survive. One goes with the other—to have healthy oceans affects the health of the local communities, and both those things are important.

You have two teenage daughters. What would you like them to learn about the ocean?

We’ve been trying to educate our daughters about oceans and marine life since they were very young. Now that they are becoming college age, before they leave home, I definitely want to raise their awareness about the ocean. To maintain the health of the oceans, we need to engage a younger generation to advocate on its behalf, and I know that my daughters will want to be a part of that.

Why do you choose to support CLF?

Growing up in New England, I’m personally partial to this area, and I like that CLF concentrates its efforts in this region. CLF is also able to balance its commitment to preserving the health of the oceans with supporting fishermen and local communities. For example, I was pleased to hear recently that the local cod population is beginning to come back. I know that’s the result of work that CLF has done to tighten controls on cod fishing, and at the same time, they’ve been able to do that in a way that protects the livelihoods of fishermen. CLF works every day to protect the New England coast that is an important part of my life, and I support CLF because they’re very effective in what they do and they get results.