Linda Deegan and Chris Neill

Donors since 2010 | Falmouth, MA

Chris Deegan and Linda Neill

Why is cleaning up New England’s waterways important to you?

During the nearly 30 years we have lived in Falmouth, nitrogen pollution has transformed our estuaries from eelgrass-filled bays with scallops and winter flounder to less attractive and less diverse algae-choked waters. We study these changes in our lives as research scientists.

Why do you give to CLF?

We want our support of CLF to speed up efforts to reduce nitrogen pollution and hasten the day when we can wade out from shore into eelgrass meadows, as we did when we first arrived on Cape Cod.

What sets CLF apart from other environmental organizations?

We believe that well-considered legal actions can contribute to solving the complex problem of nitrogen pollution. CLF has played a key role by forcing action to clean up nitrogen pollution through its detailed knowledge of state and federal laws and its willingness to take legal steps when needed.