Madeline Fraser Cook

Donor and Massachusetts State Board member | Belmont, MA

What inspired you to first give to CLF?

I work in the intersection of housing, community development, and environmental sustainability. Once introduced to CLF, it fit naturally with my personal and professional interests. The more I have learned about the organization, the more interested I have become.

Why do you continue to give to CLF?

I appreciate that CLF advocates for all of New England. What resonated for my family – my eight-year-old daughter especially – is the oceans work, and in particular the effort to protect the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. Even though I serve on several boards, my family has taken a keen interest in CLF’s work because they see the direct impact on the places they love.

What sets CLF apart from other environmental organizations?

CLF provides an avenue for people, no matter their age, background, or education, to understand the importance of environmental advocacy. This organization is unique in its policy advocacy and uses its expertise to provide measurable and concrete outcomes.