Regina LaRocque

Champions Club Member | Wellesley, MA

What inspired you to first give to CLF?

I’m an academic physician scientist, familiar with the science behind climate change. I believe that, in addition to science, we need lawyers advocating for good policy – and CLF’s work is essential to local policies that fit the science. Most appealing to me is that CLF is deeply embedded in Massachusetts issues. It’s important to take an interest in our own neighborhoods.

Why do you continue to give to CLF?

Gas pipeline issues first drew me to CLF; but the organization’s depth of knowledge and experience in all New England environmental issues is what sets it apart. I give monthly because I would like CLF to grow into a bigger and stronger organization. I’m taking this work to heart in my personal life as well. I devote a lot of my time and efforts to talking about science. I was just elected as Natural Resources Commissioner for Wellesley, where my priorities will be fixing natural gas leaks, conservation lands, and water resources.