Tami Nason

Donor since 2016, Member Advocates Society, New Hampshire State Advisory Board Member Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Tami Nason joined the New Hampshire State Advisory Board in 2021, but her CLF journey started long before then. Her father, Ben Nason, founded CLF in 1996 to prevent development of Mount Greylock in the Berkshires. Caring for the environment became an integral part of her childhood. Her parents instilled in her a lifelong appreciation for land conservation and wildlife protection. 

Tami has been aware of CLF and was thrilled when her nephew spent a summer as a CLF intern but it wasn’t until she attended CLF’s 50th anniversary gala with her family in 2016 that she gained a better understanding of how the organization has evolved over the years. Impressed by CLF’s priorities and accomplishments, she was inspired to become more involved herself. 

Throughout her life, Tami has been active with various environmental organizations, but CLF stands out because of its use of the law to achieve results in communities right here in New England. “CLF is one of the few organizations that employs the legal process to ensure tangible results and long-lasting impacts. Given my legal background, I highly value this approach and appreciate what can be achieved,” she says. 

Tami is proud to carry on her father’s legacy and excited to be an ambassador for an organization both personally meaningful to her and closely aligned with her concerns about and hopes for the future. She will work tirelessly to help ensure a healthy, thriving New England for her nephews and niece, and generations to come.