Ted Heavenrich

Donor since 1988 | Watertown, CT

“When I was growing up, every summer my parents would pack up the car, and we would spend the next couple of months hiking and camping. This love and respect for nature and the environment stayed with me my entire life, and today the environment is one of my top three philanthropic priorities. 

Over the years, I have supported many environmental causes, and CLF has stood the test of time. I have found that other local and national environmental organizations have either shifted their focus or weren’t responsive to the needs and issues in the area. 

What I like most about CLF is that they are willing and able to use the law to hold polluters accountable, but at the same time it’s not overused. CLF’s array of tools and strategies are key to the successes we have seen in Connecticut and across New England. 

CLF has been a leader on local issues for decades, and the recent office and staffing expansion here in Connecticut is just the beginning. I am excited to see more growth and community support for CLF in the years to come!