The Ramos Family

Donors since 2020 | Bristol, RI

Ramos Family

For Adam, Tracy, Max, and Lily Ramos, their philanthropy is a family effort.  Each month they decide on a theme, then gather with their prepared lists of organizations and reasons why they should support them.

Each family member presents their list, they vote. In addition to their monthly theme, they consider how their donation is used at the organization and if there is a true local impact.

The Ramos family recently joined CLF with their family contribution after one of these family roundtables. What stood out most for them in choosing CLF?  The organization is about more than just activism; it’s real action.

Adam is an attorney and knows CLF from a professional standpoint. He’s inspired by the detailed level of thought, strategy, and passion behind the issues that CLF’s attorneys advocate for.

For Max and Lily, their concerns about climate change, clean air, and plastic pollution align with CLF’s work in Rhode Island and throughout New England.

And for Tracy, it’s important to support organizations addressing changes and policy locally, especially given the lack of attention to environmental issues at the national level.

Individually, each member of the family has their own environmental concerns. But together they agree that to address them all and reverse the effects of climate change, we need policy changes that are meaningful and enforceable – changes that CLF is working to make happen.

Photo Credit: Jen Lial Photography