Nov 03, 2022

Boston does not love that dirty water storm runoff, says new lawsuit

With heavier rainfall events expected as a result of climate change, the groups said there’s little time to waste to protect Boston’s waterways. “These iconic rivers are suffering because of the EPA’s consistent foot-dragging,” said Heather Govern, CLF’s vice president of clean air and water.

Oct 24, 2022

Public Utility Commission allows GlobalFoundries to set up its own electric utility

Under its agreement with the Conservation Law Foundation, GlobalFoundries committed to build a 5-megawatt solar facility in Essex Junction and to comply with Vermont’s environmental laws — in particular, the state’s renewable energy standard, which requires utilities to obtain more and more of their electricity from renewable sources.

Aug 31, 2022

Environmental group criticizes state’s draft solid waste plan

“The Department of Environmental Services is completely abdicating their responsibility to address out-of-state waste,” said Heidi Trimarco, an attorney with CLF New Hampshire. “DES should be committing to do something, anything about out-of-state waste.”

Aug 19, 2022

How will two new climate laws impact Massachusetts?

Oh, this is certainly a big deal. It gives a major boost to offshore wind, both in terms of some technical ways, like removing the price cap, but also changing the process of selection, so the major utilities aren’t deeply, essentially, controlling the process. There was kind of a fox in the henhouse design of the earlier law.