Our Electric Grid Operator Must Step Up on Climate

New England’s regional electric grid operator, ISO-New England, controls how we source much of the electricity powering our homes and businesses. That’s why the ISO must be a champion for clean energy, paving the way for us to cut climate-damaging emissions.

CLF In Action

The region’s grid operator controls New England’s energy markets, where energy is bought and sold. That means it also dictates how clean energy competes against fossil fuels. Despite clean energy prices plummeting, New England’s grid operator puts up obstacles that prevent sources like wind from being priced fairly in these markets.

CLF has been pushing our electric grid operator to step up on climate change for over a decade. We represent New Englander’s voices where they have been excluded from the conversation. And we fight to reform energy markets so that antiquated rules that artificially inflate the price of clean energy are put to rest.

We are also pushing our grid operator to make its decisions more transparent to the public – because New Englanders deserve to know how decisions that affect them are made. 

What’s At Stake

We can’t reach net zero emissions by 2050 unless our electric grid operator gets on board. The truth is, while energy markets are far removed from our daily lives, they affect not only how we power our homes and businesses, but how much we pay for electricity. So long as New England’s electric grid operator stays stuck in its ways, we will continue to be subject to expensive, explosive fuels, polluting fumes, and a worsening climate.

This is a matter of our lives and our health, and we need all-hands-on-deck. That includes our electric grid operator, ISO-New England. It’s far past time for them to join us in our clean energy transition.