Cleaning Up Lake Champlain

Vermont’s most iconic lake is under threat. Unchecked pollution is damaging its health and its habitats and causing toxic algae blooms that harm people and wildlife.

CLF in Action

As advocate, convener, and watchdog, the Lake Champlain Lakekeeper plays a unique role in the protection and restoration of Lake Champlain. Our Lakekeeper is on the ground in communities across the state:

  • Building a local presence for Lake Champlain.
  • Working with other members of the world-wide Waterkeepers Alliance, who fight for clean water, champion tighter protections, and raise water awareness.
  • Advocating for policies and solutions to pollution and other threats.
  • Ensuring that the lake and its surrounding natural spaces are fully protected under the Clean Water Act and other laws.

CLF’s years of work to restore Lake Champlain to health are now paying off. Last year, Vermont’s governor signed landmark legislation aimed at cleaning up the ailing lake, and this year, the Secretary of Agriculture approved a much-needed plan negotiated by CLF to curb polluted runoff from agricultural operations.