Emily Green

Staff Attorney CLF Maine

Emily Green is a Staff Attorney for CLF Maine.  In this role, she focuses on issues including climate change, clean energy, clean water, and oceans.

Prior to joining CLF, Emily provided comprehensive legal services to Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection as an Assistant Attorney General.  Previously, she represented survivors of domestic violence while working for a nonprofit organization in southern Maine.

Emily earned her J.D. from Cornell Law School and her undergraduate degree from New York University.  She is admitted to practice in Maine and Massachusetts and before the United States District Court for the District of Maine.

Recent Posts

Governor LePage Abuses His Power in Attempt to Block Clean Energy in Maine
Governor LePage is renewing his assault on clean, renewable energy in Maine. Late last month, he issued an Executive Order that imposes a moratorium on new development of wind power in the state. The order establishes an advisory commission – to be handpicked by LePage – that will meet in secret to review the impacts…
UPDATED: Maine Solar Bill Passes: One Step Closer to Solar Progress in Maine
UPDATE: On July 10th, Governor LePage vetoed Maine’s solar bill. We’re urging the legislature to override the veto. You can take action by sending your legislator a message asking them to stand strong for solar, here. We expect the vote before the end of the month, and we need as many people to reach out…
Keeping Maine’s Feet to the Fire on Solar Progress
Maine is at risk of missing out on the potential of solar power. The solar industry is experiencing a country-wide surge as prices for solar panels drop, making it easier and more affordable for home and business owners to start producing their own home-grown energy. But the lack of a comprehensive solar policy here means…
CLF Brings Public Utilities Commission to Maine Supreme Court for Underfunding Energy Efficiency
CLF took the Maine Public Utilities Commission to court today for underfunding the state’s three-year energy efficiency budget by $30 million – resulting in losses of $270 million dollars for Maine citizens and businesses. You read that right – shortchanging energy efficiency translates to lost benefits totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for hardworking Mainers.…
More Liquefied Natural Gas Storage in Maine? We Don’t Need It!
UPDATE: Victory! On April 11, the Public Utilities Commission announced that it will not issue any contract for a new natural gas storage facility in Maine. The Commission agreed with CLF’s and its staff’s position that the costs of building new natural gas storage facilities would far outweigh any speculative benefits for Maine people. For…


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