Jul 03, 2019

Higher T Costs, Poorer Service Doesn’t Add Up

This month’s MBTA fare hikes came on the heels of two trains derailments. But it’s not only headline-making derailments and delays that are a problem. The T must also improve daily bus service and make progress on long-awaited projects to ensure fair and equitable service to all of its riders.

Mar 06, 2019

These Three Projects Could Transform Greater Boston’s Public Transit

We’re at a critical juncture when it comes to improving the MBTA. The T has three big projects in the works, all of which are connected: fare increases, a new system for collecting that fare, and improved bus service in greater Boston. These projects are an opportunity to make the system work better for everyone. Here’s how the MBTA can get it right.

MBTA 66 bus
Mar 06, 2019

The MBTA Has More Work to Do for Riders and the Environment

Two years after the MBTA’s strategic plan was approved, we’re looking into how well the T stuck to its own goals. While the T has completed some of its infrastructure and financial goals, it has a long way to go to meet its accessibility and climate goals.

mbta blue line