Nov 24, 2020

Why Energy Efficiency Is So Powerful

We all know about clean, local energy like solar and wind. But there’s another form of clean energy: energy efficiency. Because the cleanest, cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use at all.

Why energy efficiency is so powerful
Oct 22, 2020

What Is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is not just about conserving energy or changing your old lightbulbs. It’s about getting more bang for your buck with every appliance – and making sweeping changes so that every level of our economy can do the same.

energy efficiency saves both money and electricity
Jul 08, 2019

Maine Makes Progress on Climate, Energy, Toxins, and More

Maine’s newly elected governor and legislature delivered on critical new laws that will cut climate-damaging emissions, protect Maine’s families and children from toxic chemicals, clean up our rivers, and save energy – all while creating jobs, growing new industries, and strengthening the economy.

Rooftop solar panels on a barn in Maine
Feb 21, 2019

CLF and Partners Reach Agreement with Central Maine Power

“The disastrous effects of climate change are at our front door and we must take aggressive action to reduce our emissions to zero by 2050,” said Greg Cunningham, Vice President and Director of CLF’s Clean Energy and Climate Change program. “The Clean Energy Connect project will significantly reduce New England’s climate-damaging emissions by providing low-carbon electricity and decreasing our reliance on natural gas.”

Feb 20, 2019

Settlement may be near for Quebec-to-Mass. power line

CLF issued a brief statement on behalf of president Bradley Campbell, saying the project has the potential “to be a major win” for the climate and for families and businesses throughout New England. Central Maine Power, Campbell said, appears willing to make the necessary concessions to generate broad support.

Feb 08, 2019

New Hampshire’s Lag­­ging Energy Efficiency Program Is Getting a Boost

Energy efficiency cuts harmful carbon pollution cheaply and helps keep families safe and warm. That’s why we’ve been working hard on the efficiency beat in New Hampshire, which still ranks last in the region for the effectiveness of its energy efficiency programs. This poor ranking means we’re paying a lot more than we need to… Continue reading New Hampshire’s Lag­­ging Energy Efficiency Program Is Getting a Boost

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