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Why Energy Efficiency Is So Powerful

Bethany Kwoka | @bkwoka

We all know about clean, local energy like solar and wind. But there’s another form of clean energy: energy efficiency. Because the cleanest, cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use at all. Being energy efficient doesn’t mean ditching your TV or turning off the heat. It means getting more bang for your buck, saving the environment while also saving money.

How to Become More Energy Efficient

Think about your home appliances. Replacing these with energy-efficient models goes a long way. So does plugging holes in your insulation to keep the cold out and heat in. The same goes for businesses and factories, only on a bigger scale.

Imagine if every home in New England switched its light bulbs and updated its appliances and every business and factory was more efficient, too. We’d save untold energy and money.

Energy Efficiency Is Already Helping

Energy efficiency already makes a big difference. In the past few years, it has helped us cut our energy use in New England, even as our lives become more electrified. That means we can save on our bills and use less power from polluting power plants that damage our climate.

Your state has programs to help home and business owners improve their energy efficiency. These programs earn 3 dollars of energy savings for every $1 invested. With such big returns and less pollution, investing in energy efficiency is a no brainer. It’s up to all of us to demand more of these programs to save money and protect our planet, too.

How You Can Help

Want to help? Share this video, and learn more at clf.org/lowcostenergy.

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