Carbon Pricing 101
by Priya Gandbhir

A previous version of this blog was published in August, 2017 With the federal government stymied over any meaningful climate legislation, it’s up to the states to take the lead on curbing carbon pollution. Here in New England, such leadership is nothing new. Five New England states have climate laws in the books, mandating cuts…

Fishing for a Future: Protecting the Legacy of New England’s Groundfishery

For more than two decades, Carlos “The Codfather” Rafael dominated the New England groundfishery. He made millions from his criminal activities before a sting operation shut him down and forced him into prison for nearly four years. The Codfather’s ability to slip through regulatory loopholes left small-scale fishermen and their communities more frustrated than ever…

Five Questions for Food Waste Feast
by Olivia Synoracki

Co-founders of Mei Mei Dumplings and Food Waste Feast, Mei and Irene are on a mission to pass along their professional knowledge for reducing food waste in the kitchen. Designing dishes that use up everything in the fridge and offering workshops on how to make your dollars go further by cooking smarter, the sister-duo is on the cutting edge of the food waste revolution. 

Senior Attorney – Ocean Conservation

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) is seeking a Senior Attorney to join our team working to protect New England’s environment for all people. The Senior Attorney will work with CLF’s Ocean Conservation team and will be based in one of the following CLF regional offices: Concord or Portsmouth, NH; Portland, ME; Providence, RI; or Boston, MA,…

Polluters Latest Greenwashing Scam? Pretending Plastics Are Part of the “Circular Economy”
by Kevin Budris

During my recent stint on parental leave, I tried to disconnect from my Zero Waste work. But I quickly realized that there’s no off-switch for corporate greenwashing. So, I’d like to set the record straight. What does circular economy really mean? And why will single-use plastics and waste-burning technologies never have a place in it? Here are the answers.

Conservation Matters: Fall 2021

CLF’s unique social investment funds flip that script. With our business, philanthropic, and community partners, we have created a national model for ensuring that change is led by the people already living in a neighborhood, united by a common vision for their future.

HealthScore Metrics

HealthScore is a screening tool that offers a holistic and actionable vision for healthy, inclusive, and sustainable housing and mixed-use development. CLF uses HealthScore to understand neighborhood context and screen potential investments for its Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund.  Our scorecard is a model for how to measure and track the ways that real estate development…

The Promise and Potential of Urban Agriculture
by Hoai Thuong Tran

When combined with traditional local agriculture, urban agriculture provides a unique opportunity to build and strengthen a robust local food system. This is especially true here in New England, where interest in local food is booming, but easy and affordable access to it is still limited, especially for low-income urban residents.