Jun 30, 2022

Supreme Court Deals Severe Blow to EPA

“The Supreme Court’s new majority has hobbled EPA’s ability to reduce pollution from power plants, expanding an obscure doctrine into an all-purpose tool for the Court to stop agencies from acting on the most significant threats to human health and the environment,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell.  “By arbitrarily limiting EPA’s explicit and broad authority under the Clean Air Act to require the use of less polluting systems, the Court has consigned millions of Americans to more illness, shorter lives, and greater poverty in an overheated climate, while giving itself nearly unlimited authority to invalidate protections and safeguards intended by Congress.”  

smoke stack emissions
Jun 27, 2022

Wind farm, environmentalists agree on ways to protect whales

“The vessel speed restrictions and adaptive management measures agreed to by South Fork Wind will go a long way toward protecting these whales from being injured or killed by project vessels,” said Priscilla Brooks, vice president and director of ocean conservation at the Conservation Law Foundation.

May 20, 2022

President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative Promises to Tackle Climate Injustice – But It Needs to Do Better for Communities of Color

New federal and state laws and policies require government agencies to invest in environmental justice populations. The details behind these requirements must recognize the primary predictor to experience environmental burdens: race. CLF is working to ensure that government investments reach the populations who have endured the brunt of pollution and other consequences of climate change.

Joe Biden speaks to a crowd
May 20, 2022

CLF Intervenes in Clean Car Standards Case

“Strong vehicle emissions standards are critical to tackling the climate crisis given that transportation is the nation’s largest source of polluting emissions,” said CLF attorney James Crowley. “Toxic tailpipe pollution wreaks havoc on our health, air quality, and climate. It’s time we act. The Biden Administration made the right call in restoring California’s ability to set stricter standards, and we’re defending the rights for other states to follow suit”

Clean car standards are good for our health, good for the environment, and good for our wallets.
Apr 13, 2022

Global Plastic Treaty Can be a Bold Step in Turning Off the Plastic Tap

For too long, the world has treated plastic as a waste disposal problem. But plastic pollutes from the moment we extract fossil fuels from the ground. To truly tackle this crisis, we need to stop plastic production at its source. And the UN plastic treaty can do just that – on a global scale.

globe in plastic packaging
Mar 03, 2022

Dangerous Pollution Puts New England’s Iconic Rivers at Risk

New England’s industrial rivers are starting to turn a new page thanks to the Clean Water Act. But more work needs to be done. The Blackstone River still suffers from industrial pollution, including lead, iron, oil, grease, and foam. The Mystic River also endures harmful levels of oil, grease, foam, and petroleum pollution, while aluminum contaminates the Merrimack River.

Schnitzer Steel
Mar 02, 2022

States, Industry Groups Challenge Tougher EPA Emissions Standards

“Pollution from cars and trucks chokes our communities and worsens the climate crisis,” said CLF attorney James Crowley. “The science is clear: the only way to reach our climate goals is by drastically curbing transportation emissions, and fast. This new rule must be allowed to stand, and we look forward to helping defend it in court.”

Clean car standards are good for our health, good for the environment, and good for our wallets.