Jul 31, 2023

5 Questions for Kate Sinding Daly

CLF’s new senior vice president of law and policy is a veteran environmental advocate primed to oversee the organization’s advocacy efforts across New England.

Kate Sinding Daly, CLF Senior Vice President of Law and Policy
Jul 20, 2023

Marian Smith

“As an environmentalist, I am always looking for more ways to protect the environment, but confronting global climate issues can feel overwhelming.  When I moved to Rhode Island, I found Conservation Law Foundation through friends and family. I knew immediately that supporting CLF was the best way to make a difference. So, I joined CLF’s… Continue reading Marian Smith

Jul 19, 2023

Rhode Island Energy Rejects Offshore Wind Bid

“The climate crisis is already affecting communities here in Rhode Island,” said CLF staff attorney James Crowley. “We need new offshore wind resources to provide clean, renewable energy, and it’s extremely disappointing that the state’s latest procurement process has not resulted in any new development. Ramping up the development of clean energy is a major response to the crisis we’re facing, and the state needs to get moving.”

A view from the ground-up of wind turbines against a blue sky with some clouds.