Stormwater Pollution

Vermont’s Water is Still Really Gross…
by Rebekah Weber

We’re working on it. Last year, Vermont passed a clean water law to help cut down on the pollution and erosion that harms our rivers and lakes. Its enactment is none too soon as the changing climate is only heightening our water woes with increased rainfall and rising temperatures. This new law – Act 64…

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Massachusetts Environmental Advocacy Group Sues ExxonMobil

… A Massachusetts environmental advocacy group is suing ExxonMobil for what it calls “a decades-long campaign to discredit climate change.” Conservation Law Foundation President Brad Campbell said Tuesday the company’s strategy of publicly denying the risks that its own scientists have known about for decades has harmed local communities, including neighborhoods near its Everett facility. Read…

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CLF Sues ExxonMobil Over Decades-Long Climate Deceit

“ExxonMobil’s strategy of publicly denying the very risks its scientists have known for decades has direct impact on Greater Boston communities,” said CLF President Brad Campbell. “ExxonMobil knowingly and unlawfully misled regulators about whether its Everett facility can withstand rising seas, more intense precipitation, and other climate impacts without spewing oil and other toxic pollutants into adjoining neighborhoods, the Mystic River, and the Boston Harbor. Today’s lawsuit – the first of its kind – aims to hold ExxonMobil accountable for decades of dishonesty and require that the Everett facility meet the legal standards for climate-readiness.”

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Local Environmentalists Vs. ExxonMobil

… Environmentalists take on ExxonMobil in Massachusetts, beginning litigation charging the petroleum giant with intentionally hiding what they’ve known about the science of climate change for years and years. Conservation Law Foundation President Bradley Campbell (@bradleycampbell) and Mystic River Watershed Association President EK Khalsa are fighting to prove ExxonMobil has knowingly operated their Everett, MA facility in a manner which contradicts safe and proper environmental practices,…

Think Twice Before Fertilizing
by Jeff Barnum

Most all of us have lawns or landscapes to maintain around our homes – and even if we don’t, we make use of public green spaces like parks and playing fields. Perhaps we do not give much thought to how all of those grassed areas are managed, but we should! They should be free of…

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After Feedback From Small Farms, State Delays New Water Quality Standards

… Rebekah Weber, the Lake Champlain Lakekeeper at the Conservation Law Foundation, says CLF also is disappointed by the delay. Weber says the organization will use the extended timeline to push for more stringent Required Agricultural Practices. “The RAP’s list of authorized activities in buffer zones, for example, including grazing, fertilizer application and harvesting, we…