Lake Champlain in Crisis: An Illustrated Narrative

Illustrated by Andi Santagata and Josh Kramer

Summer after summer, Lake Champlain is plagued with toxic cyanobacteria outbreaks, also known as blue-green algae. The perfect storm of warm water, light, and excess phosphorus pollution running off from roads, rooftops, and farm fields causes these toxic blooms, which can cause skin irritation, liver damage, and have been linked to neurological disease. These toxic algae outbreaks harm our quality of life as well: if we don’t take bold action, the next generation of Vermonters may not be able to enjoy spending time on Lake Champlain in the summer the way that their grandparents did.

The good news is that our legislature finally took important steps to address our clean water obligations with funding for solutions to curb the pollution plaguing Lake Champlain and other waters across the state. But even with this additional funding, our work is far from done. We must stay vigilant and make sure Vermonters and visitors understand the serious threats facing our iconic lake.

That’s why we created this graphic story – please, help us spread the word by sharing it with your networks. Together, we can ensure that Lake Champlain and all of Vermont’s waters are clean and healthy today and for generations to come.

You Can Help Save Lake Champlain

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