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A Historic Moment for New England: A Marine National Monument in the Atlantic!
by Bradley Campbell

With Marine National Monument designation in the Atlantic, President Obama seals conservation legacy President Obama is making history today, announcing the designation of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, which will become the only fully protected large marine area in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean. Until today, zero miles of the U.S. Atlantic were…

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President Obama Creates First Marine National Monument off Atlantic Coast

“Today, more than a century after Teddy Roosevelt began a legacy of protecting America’s special places, Barack Obama has taken the baton and carried it to new heights,” said CLF president Bradley Campbell. “From valleys deeper than the Grand Canyon, to peaks as high as Mount Washington, to the hundreds of diverse and endangered species that call this place home, the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts is the embodiment of a treasure worthy of such permanent protection.”

Volunteers Come Together on Great Bay
by Jeff Barnum

Last week, two dozen enthusiastic and very capable volunteers from Timberland joined me and other kayakers to remove debris from the shores of Little Bay. Staff from Seven Rivers Paddling in Newmarket supplied kayaks and expertise. Staging for the event was arranged by Sean McKenna at Great Bay Marine in Newington. This was the second…

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CLF Applauds Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument Designation

“Not only will this new national monument preserve one of our state’s most magnificent river and forest habitats, but it also will provide a much-needed economic boost to the Katahdin region,” said Sean Mahoney, Director of CLF’s Maine Advocacy Center. “Since Teddy Roosevelt, presidents of both parties have declared over one hundred special places on land and water to be worthy of such permanent protection, and it is inspiring to see President Obama embracing this tradition. Still, the president has an opportunity to seal his legacy as a protector of our nation’s unique natural resources by adding the Coral Canyons and Seamounts to America’s list of national monuments.”

Senator Blumenthal Calls on President Obama to Establish Marine National Monument in New England
by Jennifer Felt

Last week, Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut, with the support of the state’s entire congressional delegation, called on President Obama to designate the New England Coral Canyons and Seamounts as a Marine National Monument, leading our region in a critical step toward the permanent protection of this undersea treasure! We applaud Senator Blumenthal for considering the…

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The Potential of the Gulf of Maine

… Over the past year, Cashes Ledge and several canyons and seamounts on or near the southern edge of Georges Bank have been proposed as national monuments. We won’t know the outcome for sure until January 2017, but the question remains: Is there a need for a few carefully selected areas in the Gulf of…

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New Poll: 4 Out of 5 Massachusetts and Rhode Island Residents Support Permanent Protection of Special Ocean Areas

“This poll validates what we’ve heard from hundreds of thousands of people across New England and the country – that they overwhelmingly support permanently protecting rare, unique places in the ocean from constant and increasing threats,” said Priscilla Brooks, Vice President and Director of Ocean Conservation at Conservation Law Foundation. “We hope the people’s loud and clear voice calling for a marine national monument in New England’s waters will reach our region’s congressional leaders and the president.”