Sep 05, 2015

5 Questions for Dr. Sylvia Earle

In August 2015, conservationist and oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle launched a dive expedition to Cashes Ledge, the underwater mountain range 80 miles off the coast of Portland. We asked Dr. Earle about the need to protect Cashes Ledge and why she has designated it one of her “Hope Spots.”

Sep 08, 2014

Conservation Matters Fall 2014

Redefining Open Space: The Case for Protecting Open Space in the Sea… Why I Give: Sam Warton and Chris Waters Bike Across the Country for CLF… Progress Report: Keeping the Lights On: Forcing the New England Governors’ Energy Plan Out of the Back Room… Five Questions for: Ivy Frignoca

Jul 08, 2014

Conservation Matters Summer 2014

A Natural Solution: Green Infrastructure is Transforming Stormwater Management for the 21st Century… Progress Report: Help Protect Cashes Ledge from Devastating Bottom Trawling… Why I Give: Stonyfield Farm’s Gary Hirshberg on CLF’s Impact… Five Questions for: Elena Mihaly

Jan 08, 2014

Conservation Matters Winter 2014

Coming Clean: CLF’s Clean Water Enforcement Project works to keep our waters healthy… Protecting Ocean Ecosystems: Habitat protection under threat in New England… Thank You to Our Generous Donors: Your support helped us reach our year-end fundraising goal… Five Questions For: Max Greene, Staff Attorney, CLF Rhode Island

Apr 08, 2013

Conservation Matters Spring 2013: Year in Review

Ocean Habitat Protection: For the Sake of Cod & Country… Enforcing Water Quality Standards Across New England… Out with the Old, in with the New: New England is a critical moment in energy transformation… Sustainable Agriculture: Sustainable Food: Growth and Innovation

Jun 08, 2012

Conservation Matters Summer 2012

New England Ocean Odyssey: A journey beneath New England’s waves… Treasure on Cashes Ledge: An ocean refuge in need of protection… Five Questions for Brian Skerry, National Geographic photographer… Why I Give: Phill Hoff: Why the former Governor of Vermont supports CLF.