Jan 22, 2020

Looking Back: One Year After the Newport Gas Outage

Exactly a year ago, as families prepared for a brutal winter night, National Grid cut gas service to more than 7,000 customers on Aquidneck Island. With another New England winter upon us, it’s also worth noting that Rhode Island could avoid these types of emergencies entirely by switching from fossil fuels like gas to clean alternatives powered by solar and wind.

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Nov 07, 2019

Utility and Pipeline Company to Blame for Gas Outage

Just as families in Newport County prepared for a brutal winter night in late January, National Grid cut gas service to more than 7,000 customers, leaving homes and businesses in the cold. They called it a precaution and couldn’t say how it would last. Ultimately, the outage lasted a full week.

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Dec 11, 2018

Polluted Runoff is Putting Rhode Island Waters at Risk

Stormwater pollution is making Rhode Island waters unsafe for swimming, fishing, and boating. CLF is asking the state’s Department of Environmental Protection to hold polluters accountable for their runoff.