Nov 23, 2021

MA Supreme Judicial Court Takes Up Downtown Harbor Plan Case

“The public’s right to access the waterfront has been guaranteed for generations, and we must fight any attempts by unauthorized state officials to undermine it,” said Peter Shelley, Senior Counsel at CLF. “The politicized, developer-driven process that led to Boston’s harbor plan was fundamentally flawed. The lower court was correct to conclude that the state agencies did not have the authority to approve it. We’re confident the justices will uphold that decision to send Boston’s unlawful plan back to the drawing board.”

Aug 26, 2021

Mayor Janey Withdraws Boston’s Downtown Municipal Harbor Plan

“Mayor Janey made the right decision today,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “Boston’s developer-driven MHP process is fundamentally flawed, and the Downtown MHP would have resulted in less public access to one of the city’s greatest treasures – Boston Harbor. It’s time to reform the planning processes for all waterfront neighborhoods to elevate the public’s voice and right to access the water. We look forward to working with the city to achieve this goal.”

Jun 20, 2019

Report Back: Forum on Climate Change and the Public Waterfront Act

CLF and Boston Harbor Now hosted a forum with diverse stakeholders – city and state leaders, advocacy organizations, the development community, and others – to discuss regulatory updates and other proactive measures that will not only allow for, but encourage, climate resiliency measures on Boston’s waterfront that benefit the public.

Dec 05, 2018

A People’s Guide for the People’s Harbor

CLF’s “People’s Guide to the Public Waterfront Act” gives you the tools to access and enjoy the public Boston Harbor and other waterfront areas in the state. It demystifies the complex regulations that some developers have exploited made it look like their public land is only for private use.