climate change legislation

When It Comes to Climate Change, the Kids are Alright
by Phelps Turner

In Maine, 33 elementary- to high-school-age kids have forced the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to consider regulating climate-damaging emissions. These kids, joined by CLF, hundreds of registered voters, and other environmental organizations, filed a petition that requires the DEP to hold a public hearing – scheduled for May 15, 2018  – on the need for and scope of such regulations.

New England’s Changing Environment: Risk, Response, and Adaptation
by Malcolm Burson

In the aftermath of the storm called Sandy, there have been weekly calls for the federal government and for states to address how our country might adapt in response to a changing climate. A recent Government Accounting Office report, a petition to FEMA with which CLF has been involved, and the launch of a new…

Unexpected climate warriors from Evangelical Christian Community
by Seth Kaplan

Recommended reading:  A good piece in Slate about the folks in the Evangelical Christian community who are serious about taking on the challenge of global warming.   Because if you think a loving god gave us a wonderful world that we have a duty to preserve and protect you oppose damaging it through flooding the atmosphere…