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Misplaced Priorities: Cars Trump Bikes in New Transportation Bill
by Brian Lessels

On the afternoon of July 6th, I rode my bike home from work through the streets of Portland, Maine, sharing the lane with car traffic. Parts of my commute could benefit from a bike lane or increased signage, but the prospects for those projects do not look good in the near term. Earlier that day,…

Why Driving Less and Biking More Celebrates Earth Day Every Day
by John Kassel

Every year, environmentalists and the public alike celebrate Earth Day in late April. It is a day with a long, proud history – a day when, for a brief moment, we share our environmental concern with a broader public. But let’s be clear: one day is not enough. This year marks more than 40 years…

Bike Sharing Came To Boston, And We Are The Better For It
by Seth Kaplan

Yesterday November 30, 2011 was the last day of operation for the Hubway until March of 2012. that sad occasion spurs me to reflect on what a great thing it is that bike sharing, bike lanes and a general shift in our transportation culture has come to Boston.