Apr 11, 2017

CLF Brings Public Utilities Commission to Maine Supreme Court for Underfunding Energy Efficiency

CLF took the Maine Public Utilities Commission to court today for underfunding the state’s three-year energy efficiency budget by $30 million – resulting in losses of $270 million dollars for Maine citizens and businesses. You read that right – shortchanging energy efficiency translates to lost benefits totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for hardworking Mainers.

Photo: LED light bulb
Feb 08, 2017

CLF Takes on LePage in Maine’s Highest Court

“Using less energy saves families and businesses money.” This truism guides the mission of Efficiency Maine Trust, a state-funded entity designed to provide low-risk, high-reward energy efficiency resources to families and businesses in the state. Saving money is usually something everyone can agree on, and yet Governor LePage and his appointees on the Public Utilities… Continue reading CLF Takes on LePage in Maine’s Highest Court