Great Bay Waterkeeper- New Study Confirms We Are All Responsible
by Peter Wellenberger

The NH Department of Environmental Services recently released its long-awaited draft Great Bay Non-Point Source Nitrogen Study, providing a breakdown of the sources of nitrogen pollution in the estuary, and additional insights on how to improve and protect water quality. According to the draft study, the Great Bay estuary receives, on average, a total load…

“No supportable basis for optimism” and “ever higher costs”: PUC Staff calls out PSNH’s failed business model
by Caitlin Peale Sloan

This past Friday, staff from the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission and The Liberty Consulting Group issued the results of their investigation (PDF) into the impacts of PSNH’s failing business model and “ever higher costs” to consumers. The Union Leader and NHPR were quick to quote the report’s damning conclusion: In summary, the situation looks…

New Campaign Promotes Electricity Supply Competition in NH
by Karen Wood

Hardly a day goes by at CLF that we don’t think about how to describe the work we do more simply and clearly. The issues we work on are complicated; the solutions often complex and nuanced. But the need to help people understand our role and theirs in protecting New England’s environment is critical to…