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Community Voices: A Message to ExxonMobil

Roseann Bongiovanni is a lifelong Chelsea resident who has led significant environmental justice campaigns for more than 21 years. She is the Executive Director of GreenRoots, Inc., an organization dedicated to achieving environmental and climate justice for Chelsea. Growing up in Chelsea and neighboring Everett, many in our community, myself included, never realized we were…

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MA Superior Court Hears Arguments Against Springfield Power Plant

“In a community already suffering from high rates of childhood asthma and other serious respiratory conditions, the last thing we should be doing is literally adding fuel to the fire,” said Veronica Eady, Director of CLF’s Massachusetts Advocacy Center. “We wouldn’t let our children ingest even one ounce of ammonia, so why would we allow a plant that, by the company’s own admission, will spew over 140 tons of ammonia, carbon monoxide, and other toxic pollutants into our air? PRE may value a quick buck over the health and safety of this community, but CLF is proud to stand with the people of Springfield and fight this proposal.”

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Federal Complaint Filed Over Eliminated MBTA Late-Night Service

… The complaint filed Tuesday by the vice president at the Conservation Law Foundation claims the MBTA didn’t properly measure the impact on low-income and minority riders before ending its service in March. The T’s fiscal control board voted in February to end late-night service, saying it wasn’t “cost-effective.” Rafael Mares, an attorney at the Conservation Law Foundation,…

How EPA’s Brownfields Program Helps Massachusetts Communities: My Testimony Before Congress
by Veronica Eady

Today, I am one of five people from the private sector testifying before Congress about the importance of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program, and how it is helping local communities here in Massachusetts and across the nation. CLF has long played a role in the redevelopment of brownfields – former commercial or industrial properties…

Governor Patrick Signs Landmark Executive Order on Environmental Justice
by Veronica Eady

Two days before Thanksgiving, Governor Patrick gave environmental justice advocates something to be truly thankful for – he issued an executive order on environmental justice. Executive Order 552 is one of only a handful of executive orders addressing environmental justice in the country. And while Governor Patrick’s action was historic, the real heroes are the grassroots advocates and…

Environmental Ethic, Environmental Justice
by Veronica Eady

I grew up in a small town in rural western Pennsylvania. My father was the first African American born in our town, and he was the first to graduate from high school. My parents managed to raise seven children on my father’s hourly-wage job as a sanitation worker on my town’s only garbage truck. For…

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Misses in Latest Ruling
by Veronica Eady

The most vulnerable and environmentally over-burdened communities across Massachusetts’ 351 cities and towns suffered a great loss last week. The Supreme Judicial Court had an opportunity to bring real teeth to the Commonwealth’s Environmental Justice Policy, a landmark policy that has a lot of heart and good intentions, but like most uncodified policies, lacks any…

Gender Justice, Environmental Justice
by Sandy Levine

CLF is pleased to highlight the great work of our Vermont intern, Taylor L. Curtis, who is the lead and driving force behind a month-long symposium Sex, Gender, Expression and the First Amendment Project (SGE1) held at Vermont Law School from March 20–April 12 – exploring the intersection of free expression, sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender…

BU Biolab Case Returns to Court
by Jenny Rushlow

CLF and affected community residents will be back in Court on April 11th arguing that the high-level biocontainment laboratory proposed by Boston University (BU) has no place in the densely populated urban environmental justice community of Roxbury/ South End. Please join us in standing up for this important cause by attending the hearing in Boston on…