Apr 01, 2021

Our Utilities Are Falling Down on Climate. Here’s Why They Need to Step Up.

No state here in New England has required its utilities to assess their vulnerability to climate change – or take action to prepare for it. With our homes, lives, and livelihoods at stake, allowing utilities to be so unprepared is irresponsible and simply too big a risk to take. CLF is pushing to change that – starting with Massachusetts.

Lower Manhattan Power Outage During Hurricane Sandy
Jan 27, 2021

Biden’s Federal Flood Protections Are Positive Step But Local Action Needed, Too

Advocates cheered when President Biden reinstated the Obama-era flood protection standard among his first acts in office. The Biden administration is sending a clear signal that building according to climate patterns of the past is no longer acceptable – we must acknowledge and address increasingly frequent and extreme flooding caused by climate change. Reinstating the federal standard is a critical first step for increasing our national infrastructure’s climate resilience – one that signals the urgent need for action here at home.

Tropical Storm Irene Floods Buildings in Quechee Vermont
Jul 29, 2020

New Haven Fuel Terminals Putting City at Risk

“Big oil has known about the risks of the climate crisis for decades, and their silence and inaction speak volumes,” said Brad Campbell, President of CLF. “The communities surrounding these terminals are constantly at risk of being inundated with a stew of oil and toxic materials. It’s long past time for these companies to step up and prepare their facilities for flooding and extreme weather. The courts must hold them accountable under current law to avoid catastrophe.”

New Haven harbor