Franklin Delano Roosevelt

A Critical Moment At A Critical Agency as the Baton Goes from Wellinghoff to Ron Binz (Hopefully)
by Seth Kaplan

There are few more important, and more obscure, agencies in Washington D.C. than the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the regulator of the wholesale electricity transmission systems and “bulk” (imagine big quantities, like giant tubs from Costco) U.S. electricity markets. FERC oversees an incredibly complex electricity system.  Our grid meshes together rural systems, where power lines…

Courting Cleaner Water
by Anthony Iarrapino

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ announcement that he will retire from the United States Supreme Court will bring some much needed attention to the larger issue of judicial nominations under the Obama Administration.  These days, it is hard to  find a good word to say about the ultraconservative majority of the United States Supreme Court…