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Massachusetts’ Highest Court Rejects Public Subsidies for Fossil Fuels

“This is an incredibly important and timely decision,” said David Ismay, CLF’s lead attorney on the case. “Today our highest court affirmed Massachusetts’ commitment to an open energy future by rejecting the Baker Administration’s attempt to subsidize the dying fossil fuel industry. The course of our economy and our energy markets runs counter to the will of multi-billion dollar pipeline companies, and, thanks to today’s decision, the government will no longer be able to unfairly and unlawfully tip the scales.”

Maine PUC Chooses Polluting Pipeline Over Consumers
by Ben Tettlebaum

The Maine Public Utilities Commission recently approved pursuing a contract that would force electricity consumers to subsidize Spectra Energy’s massive new polluting natural gas pipeline, Access Northeast (ANE). The PUC’s decision cuts deep into your pocketbook and sets Maine and New England on a course to upend our climate goals. One Billion Dollars Down the…

Under the Hood of the Massachusetts Transportation System: Why is our transportation system underfunded?
by Rafael Mares

This post is part of a series on transportation issues affecting Massachusetts. Look for more from Rafael Mares and Christine Chilingerian in the coming weeks. To stay up to date, visit this or follow the hashtag #MA4TRANS on Twitter. Massachusetts relies on several sources of funding for its transportation system. In addition to user fees—such as…

Do the math, Senator Brown
by Melissa Hoffer

Yesterday, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown sent a letter to Governor Patrick criticizing the Governor’s mention of a potential state gas tax increase as one of the ways to provide additional revenue for the state’s dangerously underfunded transportation system.