Feb 17, 2017

Whose Side Will Scott Pruitt Really Be On?

Scott Pruitt is more than just a threat to our environment – he’s a threat to our economy, our safety, and our entire way of life. The stakes are too high to stand idly by. CLF is ready for the fight.

Photo: Scott Pruitt
Feb 16, 2017

New England’s Big Pipeline Myth

For three years now, Big Gas has been spinning tall tales aimed at scaring you and me – and especially our local politicans – into locking in our addiction to dirty, polluting natural gas for decades to come. But their hype ignores the facts and the very real progress made over the past few years to avoid price spikes, keep the lights on, and tamp down our emissions of climate-damaging pollution.

Block Island Wind
Feb 10, 2017

Keeping on Track 2017

Keeping on Track is the third in a series of reports planned at ensuring the success of Massachusetts’s Transportation Finance Act of 2013 at addressing the most pressing needs of the state’s transportation system. New this year, the report also includes progress on the implementation of the 2009 Transportation Reform Act, in order to provide… Continue reading Keeping on Track 2017

Feb 08, 2017

CLF Takes on LePage in Maine’s Highest Court

“Using less energy saves families and businesses money.” This truism guides the mission of Efficiency Maine Trust, a state-funded entity designed to provide low-risk, high-reward energy efficiency resources to families and businesses in the state. Saving money is usually something everyone can agree on, and yet Governor LePage and his appointees on the Public Utilities… Continue reading CLF Takes on LePage in Maine’s Highest Court

Jan 24, 2017

Don’t Let HB317 Kill Energy Efficiency in NH – Tell Your Reps and Senators NO

New Hampshire legislators are trying to kill energy efficiency measures that save Granite State families and businesses money on our electric bills. We need you to tell your legislators to VOTE NO to energy-efficiency killing House Bill 317. Proponents of HB317 are calling the funding of energy efficiency an illegal tax, but that’s just an… Continue reading Don’t Let HB317 Kill Energy Efficiency in NH – Tell Your Reps and Senators NO

Jan 04, 2017

CLF Calls Electric Vehicles Bill a Positive Step Forward in Reducing Polluting Emissions

“Massachusetts consumers want electric cars, but convenient access to charging stations is a barrier to getting more electric vehicles on the road. This bill helps communities promote the charging infrastructure necessary to support increased electric car sales in the state,” said Megan Herzog, Staff Attorney, Conservation Law Foundation.

Dec 08, 2016

Going Low-Carb

Transforming New England’s Energy System New England’s coal-fired power plants were at their peak when CLF opened its doors 50 years ago. The majority of the region’s coal fleet came online in the post-war boom years of the1950s and 1960s and they would go on to dominate our region’s electricity mix for decades. Today, however,… Continue reading Going Low-Carb