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Reading Your Street: What You Can Learn About Natural Gas Infrastructure
by Shanna Cleveland

You’ve heard of the writing on the wall, but what is all that writing on the sidewalk and the street? You’ve seen it—yellow, orange, blue, red and white. Some of it is pretty easy to decipher like “DS” for “Dig Safe” or “STM” for “steam” but some of the drawings look more like ancient hieroglyphics.…

Natural Gas Leaks: A Risky Business In Need of a Fix
by John Kassel

A few weeks ago, Springfield, MA, was rocked by a natural gas explosion that destroyed a building, ruined a city block, and was hailed as a miracle because no lives were lost. The pipelines that lie below our communities, always out of sight, came suddenly came into focus. The explosion reminded us of the sobering…

Vermont Yankee Leaks: Stop the Madness
by Sandy Levine

The Vermont Public Service Board began hearings this week on what to do about the leaks at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power facility in southern Vermont. CLF is asking the Board to shut down the plant until all the leaks are repaired and the site is cleaned up.