National Ocean Council

The Comment Period is Over . . . So, What’s Next for the Northeast Ocean Plan?
by Aimee Bushman

On Monday, July 25, the public comment period closed for the draft Northeast Ocean Plan. The summer saw an expansive public outreach effort by the plan creators, the Northeast Regional Planning Body (RPB), with public meetings held in each coastal New England state. It’s a safe assumption that many are wondering, “What’s next for the…

Sexy? Alluring? Seductive? Hello there, National Ocean Policy
by Sean Cosgrove

Some of us lament a world where fake reality TV plots, uber-famous starlets way below my age demographic and head-exploding talk show hosts rule the airwaves, as it can be a bit difficult to get the media spotlight focused past the eye candy and on “the real issues.” You know – the substantive, grown up…