Nov 05, 2020

Vessel Collisions Jeopardize Survival of North Atlantic Right Whales

Scientists estimate that little more than 350 whales are left on the planet – a shockingly low number. It is our activities in the ocean – fishing, shipping, drilling, construction – that threaten the survival of this species. In the last three years, vessel strikes, in particular, have caused about half of the known or suspected deaths of right whales in the U.S. and Canada.

Injured north Atlantic right whale #4150 bears deep scars from propeller strike, last seen in 2019.
Apr 15, 2020

Update: How to Track Right Whales from the Comfort of Your Home

Thanks to technology, you can spot endangered North Atlantic right whales from your couch. Right now, the whales that traveled south for the winter are migrating back north to our waters. While we’re all at home, it’s a great time to add whale watching to your quarantine activity list.