Feb 12, 2020

Why New England Needs More Solar Energy

From more severe storms to prolonged heat waves, climate change is here and it’s happening now. Luckily, clean energy solutions like solar panels can help both our planet and our economy.

solar energy is an important part of a clean energy economy
Feb 04, 2020

Getting off Gas by Investing in Rooftop Solar

Since installing solar panels on their barn, Sean Mahoney and his wife have noticed a huge difference in their energy bills. They’ve also been able to reduce their carbon footprint.

rooftop solar panels on a barn in Maine
Jun 08, 2018

What Is Net Metering?

Strong net metering policies are a critical step on our path towards a local, clean energy future.

net metering on solar panels in Maine
Jan 25, 2018

How Do Solar Panels Work?

At the most basic level, solar panels take light from the sun and turn it into electricity that you can use to power your stuff, from the small (your phone) to the large (your home or your business).