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An Illustrated History of North Atlantic Right Whales
by Ashira Morris

North Atlantic right whales could be extinct by 2040 if we don’t act quickly. Once a common target for whalers, the population now faces new and increasing threats from ship strikes and fishing gear. We need all hands on deck to save our right whales.

Healthy Habitat Helps Create Healthy Fisheries
by Sean Cosgrove

One of the fundamental concepts of marine ecology and modern fisheries management is that fish and other ocean wildlife need various types of habitat to feed, grow, and reproduce. Healthy ocean habitat is crucial to the well-being of ocean ecosystems and also provides spawning grounds for commercially important groundfish. New England’s ocean waters are home…

Waves of Change: An Interview with Ocean Frontiers producer Karen Meyer
by Robin Just

Those who say coordinated and collaborative ocean management can’t be done have yet to see the world through Karen Meyer’s eyes.Karen is the Executive Director of Green Fire Productions and the director and producer of Ocean Frontiers. This groundbreaking movie showcases the real-life experiences of fishermen, conservationists, energy companies, shipping interests, farmers, and local community leaders in four areas of the country who worked together to improve ocean health and the management of our oceans and coasts: