May 14, 2020

Report Offers Path to Cleaner Water in Great Bay

“The Seacoast’s beautiful rivers and bays are in danger,” said Melissa Paly, Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper at CLF. “Under the surface, we’re losing the meadows of seagrasses that support the fish, shellfish, and wildlife that call the waters home. Towns have made progress reducing nitrogen, but we need to get much more serious about curbing the nitrogen that flows into our waters from septic systems and stormwater every time it rains. This report gives us a path to reach that goal.”

Great Bay
Dec 27, 2019

CRWA, CLF Settle Lawsuit with EPA

“Stormwater pollution continues to wreak havoc on Massachusetts waters,” said Heather Govern, Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “Cities and towns are responsible for reducing this pollution and many have shirked these duties for years. This new permit forces them to prioritize protecting our waters, but CLF is prepared to take legal action if these flagrant violations continue.”

Jan 11, 2017

CLF Sues the Pease Development Authority to Clean Up Toxic Stormwater Pollution

CLF has filed a lawsuit against the redeveloper of the site of the Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for violating the Clean Water Act. Pollution from the site is fouling local waterways, including the Great Bay estuary, with numerous pollutants, including toxic chemicals of growing concern. From Air Force Base to a… Continue reading CLF Sues the Pease Development Authority to Clean Up Toxic Stormwater Pollution

Pease Development Authority
Jun 21, 2016

Final Guidelines For Lake Champlain Phosphorus Pollution Levels Issued

… Vermont set phosphorus pollution levels for Lake Champlain in 2002.  The EPA reopened the TMDL limits in 2011 in response to a lawsuit filed in 2008 by the Conservation Law Foundation questioning the calculations.  CLF is the host organization for Lake Champlain LakeKeeper Rebekah Weber. Read more here…