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CRWA, CLF Settle Lawsuit with EPA

“Stormwater pollution continues to wreak havoc on Massachusetts waters,” said Heather Govern, Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “Cities and towns are responsible for reducing this pollution and many have shirked these duties for years. This new permit forces them to prioritize protecting our waters, but CLF is prepared to take legal action if these flagrant violations continue.”

Exeter Forges Ahead on the Fertilizer Front
by Jeff Barnum

The Healthy Lawns-Clean Water committee in Exeter, NH, is forging ahead with new fertilizer restrictions in the town. Established by the Town and funded by a grant from the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP), interested folks – myself included – have convened numerous times to give serious thought to how to reduce nitrogen discharge in…

EPA Video Highlights Long Creek Restoration Project in Maine
by Ivy Frignoca

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a new video telling the story of the restoration of Maine’s Long Creek, which winds through South Portland’s busy Maine Mall area and empties into Casco Bay. Before CLF took action seven years ago, polluted stormwater would drain off of the Maine Mall area’s many paved surfaces –…

Stormwater Fees Are OK in RI
by Max Greene

Stormwater pollution is bad. Avoiding stormwater pollution – in particular, by implementing green infrastructure projects – is good. In fact, stormwater mitigation provides broad economic and environmental benefits. Policymakers often recognize these truths, but before they can act they must answer a key question: How do we pay for mitigation efforts so we can all…

Green Infrastructure Projects Create Jobs for People Who Need Them
by Max Greene

Right now leaders throughout Rhode Island are taking a hard look at stormwater pollution – in fact, over the weekend, I was on a panel discussing solutions to the this critical threat to the health of our waterways. One especially exciting solution is green infrastructure. What is green infrastructure? Green infrastructure uses natural processes to…