Jan 09, 2020

Trump Administration Rolls Back Bedrock Environmental Law

“In today’s proposal, President Trump has arrogated to himself the power to repeal the nation’s foundational environmental protection law by fiat, in defiance of the language and history of the statute,” said CLF President Brad Campbell. “This unlawful gift to the fossil fuel industry excludes climate impacts from consideration and redefines the scope of the law to a fraction of those reviewed for generations. This lawless action at the behest of the oil and gas industry will not survive judicial or public scrutiny, and continues the president’s war on science, the environment, rationality, and fact-based decision-making.”

Oct 30, 2019

We Can’t Let Offshore Wind Stall Out in New England

Offshore wind is a crucial element of New England’s clean energy future, and Massachusetts has been betting big on this new industry. So despite the Trump administration’s delay of a promising project, Massachusetts is still moving forward with this critical source of local clean energy.

offshore wind
Oct 25, 2019

Latest Trump Administration Rollback Threatens Environmental Justice

The Trump administration government is rolling back a key way to prove discrimination in court, but a set of bills in Massachusetts would make sure those protections remain at the state level. The bills would provide legal safeguards for communities of color and refugee and immigrant communities to ensure that policies addressing the intense heat, dangerous flooding, and extreme weather events of climate change do not discriminate.

The Massachusetts Legislature missed their chance to lead on energy today. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.
Sep 27, 2019

CLF Sues Trump Administration Over Clean Car Standards Reversal

“Once again the Trump Administration is pandering to big oil and gas at the expense of our health and our communities,” said Emily Green, CLF Staff Attorney. “This new rule attacks critical state standards that keep our air clean. As we run out of time to tackle the climate crisis, this policy moves the country in the wrong direction. It leads directly to a dirtier, more polluted future. No one, not even automakers, wants to hit reverse on these standards.”   

Sep 12, 2019

CLF Challenges Trump Administration’s Appalling Clean Power Plan Replacement

In a move that will harm Americans’ health, economy, and climate, the Trump administration rolled out its proposed replacement to the Obama-era Clean Power Plan in June. The landmark Clean Power Plan was set to cut emissions from dirty coal plants—slashing pollution and combatting the looming climate crisis. CLF is fighting back against this shameless gift to the dying fossil fuel industry.

Trump's Clean Power Plan Replacement would worsen climate and air pollution
Aug 14, 2019

CLF Challenges Trump Reversal of Clean Power Plan

“ACE should stand for appalling and corrupt,” said CLF attorney James Crowley. “By the EPA’s own estimates, the new rule will result in the deaths of thousands of Americans. The Trump administration’s pathetic rule is nothing more than a lifeline for dying coal plants, and we will continue to fight it.”

Trump's Clean Power Plan Replacement would worsen climate and air pollution
Oct 31, 2018

Proposed Emissions Rules Toxic to Public Health and Environment

“The Trump administration is endangering the health of the American people,” said Greg Cunningham, Vice President and Director of CLF’s Clean Energy and Climate Change program. “This rollback will hand a lifeline to old, polluting power plants that still haunt our communities, spreading respiratory and other illnesses among our children and families. The EPA replacement plan violates the Clean Air Act and totally disregards good science and sound economic principles.”  

Trump's Clean Power Plan Replacement would worsen climate and air pollution
Sep 13, 2018

Trump Administration Wants to Weaken the Endangered Species Act

The Trump administration has proposed changes to how the Endangered Species Act gets implemented that would be detrimental to countless species. Let the administration know you oppose these changes and support a strong Endangered Species Act so that right whales – and thousands of other species – will continue to be protected.

Jul 02, 2018

National Ocean Month Reminds Me Why I Fight

As National Ocean Month ended last week, I’m reflecting on the past month. Things may seem bleak, with the Trump administration pushing an agenda that disregards the health of the ocean we were celebrating, but I found hope in my colleagues and comrades. These incredible people and their work holding Trump accountable for his determinantal actions are what I celebrated this month.

Jan 29, 2018

Join Us in Opposing Trump Administration’s Oil and Gas Drilling Plans

[Update: Public meetings postponed due to the federal government shutdown have been rescheduled. The New England dates are as follows: Feb. 13 – Hartford, CT; Feb. 27 – Boston, MA; Feb. 28 – Providence, RI; March 5 – Concord, NH; March 7 – Augusta, ME. Sign up to attend a meeting near you here. There are also coordinated opposition events concurrent… Continue reading Join Us in Opposing Trump Administration’s Oil and Gas Drilling Plans

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